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Daily Text 2017

Daily Text 2017

Daily Text 2017 Review – The Word of God Anytime, Anywhere

Rating: 4.7
Version: 1.4.3
Size: 1.6M
Author: NewAgeSoftware
Language: English
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Daily Text 2017 Review

Daily Text 2017 is an offline scripture app that helps users with daily text from “Examining the Scriptures” booklet. Supporting over 150 different languages from all across the globe, the app helps you read the daily text in any language suitable for you. Start your day on a positive note by reading a part of the holy booklet and pass on the positivity to your friends and family by sharing the same text via the app. Thanks to its special widget feature, the app can be placed on your screen as a daily reminder, ensuring you read your daily text every day, anytime, anywhere.

Features and Functions

The Daily Text 2017 app is a useful inspiring and motivational platform for all those who would like to start their day with a promising and encouraging vibe. Uniquely designed with a set of great features and functionalities, the app is extremely easy to utilize and explore. With all its features listed clearly on the main screen and menu, navigating the app is a breeze.

The app comes with some key features that include a selection of over 150 different languages which can be switched easily while reading the scriptures, enabling you to understand better. It also comes with a handy widget that can be locked onto your home screen to remind you to read the daily text every morning. This scrollable widget can be resized and created depending on how you would like it to be shown on your screen. It also features a “read later” option that you to save text to read whenever you are free. For those who do not activate the widget feature, there is a special notification alert that pops up on your screen to indicate new daily text is ready for you to read.

Another great option is the text to speech function which converts text to speech for those who are unable to read or who would like to hear the text out loud. Mark your favorites, add notes, set an alarm for when you should check the daily text on a daily basis, read the daily text at night thanks to its special night mode option, and share your favorite scriptures with your friends and loved ones with this beneficial app.


Designed and structured with a simple and straightforward layout, the Daily text 2017 app comes with a well-detailed user interface. User-friendly and efficient, the app showcases the different languages on the main menu which can be easily selected before or during reading. With all its features and functions shown on the bottom of the screen, and the daily text in clear black letters with a classic white background, the home widgets are also of a similar design and layout.


Get daily text, directly from the popular booklet “Examining the Scriptures” to help motivate you and keep you positive throughout your day. Start or end your day by reading text from this beneficial app and share text that has made a difference to your life, with your friends and family. With over 150 languages to choose from, the Daily Text App caters to people from all over the world, providing them with a set of great features and functions from easy home widgets, pop up notifications, text to speech function, favorites and more, alongside daily text from the word of God, in turn enhancing their reading experience.

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